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Custom solutions

Specific design or co-design according to customer/application requirements including complete product validation, software/hardware design and development,dedicated tools and production machines, also according to automotive standards (IATF 16949) and safety standards (ISO 26262).

Typical customizable parameters

Dimensions, Shape, Pressure and Temperature range, Signal conditioning electronics, Accuracy profile vs pressure and temperature,Electrical and Mechanical connections,Customized calibrations and final tests, Communication protocols (analog, 4-20 mA, I2C, SENT, CAN, LIN)

Examples of running customized products/solutions:

  • Strain gauge for weaving and knitting machines

  • Load cell for structure monitoring

  • High pressure sensor (2.000 bar of static pressure resistance)

  • Pressure and temperature sensor for high temperature (300°C)

  • Ceramic high precision heaters