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We are focused on development, production and sales of our own product portfolio of ceramic pressure sensing elements based on thick-film technology and on providing full range of electronic manufacturing services in the field of assembled printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits.
As a part of Kolektor Group business unit "Electronics and Drives" we serve as a competence center for design of pressure sensing element solutions and support their vertical integration into pressure sensors.


The company was established in 1980 by a group of technicians having several years of experience in thick film ceramic technologies and manufacturing of electronics.
Development of new business activities, expansion to new markets through acquisitions and greenfield operations allowed Kolektor Microtel to grow over the years and by joining Kolektor Group become an important player in the domain of custom electronics and sensing solutions.

Major milestones that shaped the successful history of the company:

Foundation of the company in Basiano (Milano).
Establishment of ceramic pressure sensor division.
Relocation to new building in Inzago (Milano).
Acquisition of Siegert GmbH in Nürnberg and entering German market.
Acquisition of City Sensors in France for new business development in the field of pressure sensors.
Expansion of manufacturing site in Inzago (Milano).
Establishment of greenfield ceramic sensor operation Sentronics in Shanghai and opening to the far east markets.
Expanding the business by setting up new thick film operation in Vimercate.
Microtel becomes part of trans-national company Kolektor Mobility that connects more then 30 companies on strategic world markets and changes its name to Kolektor Microtel.
Relocation of thick film operations to Pozzo D'Adda. Investment in new ISO6 clean room