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Engineering/ New Product Introduction

Fast prototyping
Test procedures development and validation
Manufacturing process validation

Production (Manufacturing)

PCB assembly
Ceramic thick film hybrid circuits
Mechanical assembly of finished product

Supply chain management

On Time Deliveries
Customers Support
Suppliers Management System


Full traceability at single board level in terms of material, process data and test data.

After sales services

Optimized procedures for re-work and repairing of PCBA, modules and complex systems.

Processes and capabilities

Assembly technologies

  • High performance SMT fully automatic lines incl. N2 reflow ovens
  • In-line laser marking for substrates serialization
  • In line dispensing module for glue and solder paste
  • In-line SPI for solder paste inspection
  • In-line AOI of soldered components
  • Stencil automatic cleaning
  • Laminar and Selective wave soldering (inert gas atmosphere)
  • Soldering robots
Assembly technologies
Dispensing and protection

Dispensing and protection

  • Fully automatic conformal coating line
  • Automatic dispensing modules for glue and solder past
  • Automatic dispensing of bi-components resins
  • 3 and 4 axis encapsulating robots

Test and control technologies

Development of procedures and equipment for PCBA testing in according with customer specification.

  • In-circuit Flying Probe
  • In-circuit Bed of Nails
  • Functional test
  • High- Voltage insulation
  • Functional power test on devices and boards
  • Thermal cycles shocks
  • Burn-in
  • Off-line X-Ray inspection
Test and control technologies
Bonding and packaging

Bonding and packaging

  • High Speed Automatic Gold Wire Thermosonic Ball Bonding
  • Destructive/non destructive Mechanical Testing; Pull/Shear Tests
  • Bare dice glop top encapsulation
  • Fine and gross leak hermeticity test [MIL-STD]

Ceramic technologies

  • 2 clean room ISO6 and ISO7 class
  • Automatic and manual thick film lines
  • Handling systems with anthropomorphous robots
  • laser systems for active & passive trimming
Ceramic technologies